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responsible_data - Responsible Data

Subject: Responsible Data

Description: This is a public email discussion list for practitioners interested in responsible data, hosted by the Responsible Data community. We are a community of practitioners reflecting on responsible data practices, discussing questions and challenges, and developing concrete tools to improve the way we work with data.

The Responsible Data Community is a collaborative effort to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy. For more info and to find other ways to get involved, visit and follow this community on Twitter using #responsibledata.

When joining, please read our Community Guidelines & Policy, where you are welcome to leave comments as well:

This is a place for you to share resources, knowledge and *questions* with your peers. Welcome to the RD community!

PLEASE NOTE: Responsible Data is a public list, so anyone can join and read the archives, forward messages, or mirror the list without our knowledge. The list archives are searchable by search engines such as Google, and the list has an RSS feed. The list is kept public in order to allow people to find resources that have been posted in the past and refer back to past discussions. They are available here: Please bear this in mind when posting to the list.

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